Metropolitan DECOstyle


Are you a truly urban person? Do you enjoy living in the present moment, right here, right now? Do you love New York style penthouses?

Are you a genuine design-lover and tech geek? Do you love premium brands and classy functional interiors? Then you will definitely enjoy metropolitan DECOstyle. Down-to-earth while eclectic, this style allows you to truly embrace various materials. With metropolitan DECOstyle, you can indulge yourself into soft colors and shades and timeless pieces of premium design furniture. But at the same time, metropolitan DECOstyle features simple, practical, multifunctional and multitasking pieces. Space is an expensive commodity in the city, where every inch counts. That is why you tend to go for sofa beds, adjustable tables and overall smart furniture. Sometimes, you spice up your interior with a true design gem, because all your boring personal belongings are carefully hidden in intelligent storage solutions. To sum up, you enjoy city life to the max with all its crazy vibe and its diversity.

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