Industrial DECOstyle


Lofts, old factories, industrial buildings with its specific atmospheres. Words such as stone, bricks, metal, concrete, glass, leather... Does this all sound heavenly to you?

Then industrial DECOstyle is the right style for you. You enjoy the worn-off look and overall elegant materials yet shabby finishes. You might also like the combination of grey walls and bright green, yellow and blue colored floors which remind you of old workshops and factories. You tend to go for such colors when choosing new pieces of furniture or when thinking of the color of your new floor. You know natural wood makes the best statement and contrast. You also like wire glass, roxor and oxidized metal plates with rivets. You fancy huge industrial reflector lamps. No need to hide anything, everything is on display. And if you are in the mood for some decoration, you buy a plant, put it on one of the shelves. A touch of green does the whole thing!

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